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Charging Your Tesla at Home

The best place to charge your Tesla is at home, overnight.

Pull into your normal parking spot, plug in, and you will wake up to a full charge every morning. To prepare your home for charging your Tesla, hire VP Electric to install a dedicated circuit convenient to where you will park your vehicle.

A licensed electrician from VP Electric will need to visit your home to provide a quote for charging equipment installation. Cost of installation will vary by location, cost can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the scope of work. Some homes may require service panel upgrades or trenching to install home charging equipment, increasing the cost.

VP Electric recommends the Wall Connector as the most convenient home charging equipment for Tesla vehicles. Permanently mounted to a wall or post, the Wall Connector can be installed both indoors and outdoors. A defining feature is the ability to be installed with any circuit breaker ranging from 15 to 100 amps, which allows the Wall Connector to be custom fit to almost any electrical system. We recommend installing the Wall Connector with a power output to match the on-board charger of the vehicle, typically a 4060 or 90 amp circuit breaker.



Why Level 2 Wall Connector Is Best for Home Charging

240V level 2 chargers provide a bigger “pipeline” for electricity to flow to your Tesla. They can charge up to 15 times faster than trickle chargers. Tesla Mobile Connector, Wall Connector and the wireless Tesla charging station are different types of Level 2 chargers. A “Level 2” EV charger is simply any EV charger that can connect to a particular type of electrical circuit — 240 volt, split phase circuits (similar to what an electric dryer uses).

The ideal home Tesla charger offers these benefits:

  1. Recoups your daily driving range in just a few hours
  2. Fully recharges your battery overnight on the occasions that you arrive home on low charge (after a long trip, etc)
  3. Doesn’t require major upgrades to your home electrical service

For US drivers who cover about 37 miles per day on average, a charger that delivers 20-30 miles of range per hour charged is ideal (6.6-10 kW power delivery). Average daily miles are recharged within 2 hours and even a close-to-empty 100 kWh battery can be charged fully overnight. For the vast majority of homes, charging at those speeds will not require major electrical service upgrades to 400 amps.

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